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New to Ðogecoin?

Ðogecoin is a community friendly crypto-currency. Very similar to Bitcoin, but with a more noob-friendly and welcoming community. Be sure to check the sidebar - Being a new shibe though, you may be better served with a reddit-style self-post.
To do the special Ð character, hold alt and type 0208.
To do the special Ð character on Ubuntu 12.04: Ctrl + Shift + U; then type 00D0; finally press enter for Ð (Starkythefox)
To do the special Ð via HTML: & ETH; (no space) (cdeverett)
Do not expect to make a fortune in Ðogecoin. A Ðoge is worth about 0.00052 cents USD. The fact it has gotten so popular shocked even the creators, so consider Dogecoin your 'fuck around' cryptocurrency: You can afford to make mistakes while you learn.
What is a shibe? - A useholder of Dogecoin
What is this about the moon? - A lot of other cryptocurrencies including bitcoin expect the price of their coins to appreciate to the point they can buy huge mansions in which to store all their smaller mansions and little gold statues of other mansions. Shibes know the price of Ðogecoin will go to the moon. (Warning: Moon is not a tangible number. Heating in your house may be turned off if you attempt to pay in dogecoin)
Don't use an online wallet - Download the wallet program directly to your computer. You'll have full control and prevent leaving your Ðoge in the hands of strangers.
Sign up with a pool and try to mine some coin for yourself. Even if your computer sucks! It feels great when you see some mined coin pop up in your wallet.
Seriously. Try mining! Mining can be a bit daunting to begin with, but its very rewarding and you'll have a much better grasp of the beginning to end of how cryptocurrency works. (Unless you are using GUIMiner, you'll have to create a .bat file with your settings. Search/ask this subreddit if you get stuck)
Earning Ðogecoin Outside of mining - It's easy to earn Ðogecoin in the /dogecoin subreddit(s). Post something helpful or create funny content, you'll get tipped. Want to offer a silly service? check out /shibemarket/ (I bought reasons Mario Kart can suck my dick for 227 doges a pop a while back.) Hell, you can even beg or buy some.
Tipping: - Send a message to both tip bots to register so you can give and receive tips. The bots are so_doge_tip and dogetipbot. Send them each a message that says +register. It might take a while to get a response, but once you do you are ready to go.
Gambling: - What, is the emotional rollercoaster of a non-government backed, untested digital currency with all the worries of a pennystock and complications of FOREX not wild enough for you? I've seen a lot of people posting newly discovered gambling problems with this new found technology. You are best to avoid it. If you're looking to make money and are counting on Ðogecoin to make that happen - Just keep mining or buy in small, regular increments. The house always wins.
Faucets: (Thanks vidarino) Free dogecoin to get you started! You can get a very small bit of free Dogecoin in your wallet by inputting your receiving address into one of the faucets listed in the sidebar. Once you have some Ðoge of your very own, be sure to tip the faucets to help spread Ðoge to others! Don't be greedy and totally drain the faucets - they have very little and run on donations - No longer working - No longer working - No longer working
Where is your wallet.dat On win7 you can find that here: C:\Users\owner\AppData\Roaming\DogeCoin
Finally - /dogecoin is all about tipping, helping new shibes out, and posting memes and image macros.
Edit: Added note about gambling
Edit 2: Added note about faucets
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