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April and not Noah shown walking Oreo

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Bitcoin mining explained as analogy; Satoshi's Island.

Here is a first draft of a short story/analogy me and my friends came up with last night discussing bitcoin. What could we add to make it more along the story of bitcoin? Or even possibly useful?

In 2009 a massive rift formed beneath the ocean spewing hot magma up into the currents. After a short time this mountain of magma rose above the ocean and formed a new island! This island, forming somehow overnight, has ground rich in gold. Scattered about evenly in nuggets of large size on the top of the ground and smaller nuggets sitting deeper and deeper in the ground.
One day a guy named Satoshi took his dingy out and and found this island, and told the world. Most people didn't understand how this island could be in existence, and others just didn't even listen, but a select few followed Satoshi to the island. Here, bringing with them only tooth picks, they started to mine the gold. Digging with their tooth picks finding large chunks of gold almost where ever they'd look.
They then told their friends, who this time came with their spoons, using their spoons they we're able to find the gold much faster! These people couldn't believe the amount of gold they we're finding. So much so that they stayed on this island mining the gold continuously, only sending messages back via satelite phone. A few ships would come everyday and drop off new spoonies, never returning with any of this gold.
One day, someone, left the island and sold some gold to a random plebeian. This person told others about this island, and as with Satoshi only a few people believed him about this island of gold. Though the amount did grow as the slow trickle of gold kept flowing back from the island, buying meth for the miners to work longer.
Finally one day someone with some business sense heard about this island and said, what dumbasses, I could mine that gold with a freakin backhoe. He started mass producing these back hoes and shipping them to the island for a premium price. Everyone heard about these backhoes and wanted one and got one.
Now the island a flat plateau in the ocean has backhoes running 24/7, back and fourth, peeling layer by layer of the island up looking for the gold. Shipping back whatever it finds to the awaiting public to consume for no other reason than because it looks good on their wrists.
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Opioid Prohibition & how you can fight back! Love IDEAS Summit  Gay and Katie Hendricks  Conscious Loving  Clip 1 YouTube Alert! Chronic Pain Patients, Comment & Attend CDC Meeting! & other Opioid Prohibition News! How to Scrap old Cell Phones for *Gold Recovery - YouTube

Spoonies Bar And Grill 103 3RD ST, None Cardtronics Usa, Inc. About; More; Address: 103 3RD ST : 61544 : Large Map & Directions : Owner: Cardtronics Usa, Inc : Has access fees (bank-dependent): Unknown : Supports: Operational hours: Working Hours : Can get balance: False : Has restricted access (may be inside building or not in the open): False : ATMs stand for automated teller machines. ATMs ... As always we are extremely grateful to each and everyone of our loyal listeners, a.k.a SPOONIES, and ask that each of you get one person to subscribe so we can achieve our goal of having more listeners than Alyssa Milano! Maeli #31. On this episode, Ray talks about chef Brian Canipelli's Asheville Italian restaurant Cucina 24. Ray talks about his trip to Greenville/Asheville last year and ... This time however Spondoolies Tech is not going for the Bitcoin ASIC market, instead they have announced a very powerful and pretty expensive X11 ASIC miner. Spondoolies Tech SPx36 is a new deice that supposedly can deliver 540 GHS X11 mining hashrate with 4.4 kW of power usage, giving you an efficiency rate of 8.1 J/GHs, but at a hefty price of $15500 USD and with deliveries scheduled for ... The best mining rigs in the world. Interested in setting up a large mining farm? Contact us today for a special offer tailored for your needs. Essbarer Löffel bei ALDI Startup Produkt "Spoonie" für den Nachtisch To Go (FOTO) ALDI Nord und ALDI SÜD setzen gleich doppelt auf ein innovatives Startup-Produkt: Ab dem 30. Oktober bieten die ...

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Opioid Prohibition & how you can fight back!

All Chronic Pain Patients, their families, and advocates must attend the December 4th CDC Meeting and comment on possible changes ( looks like CDC is doubling down) to the horrible 2016 CDC ... In this video, I want to show you about How to make money printer machine in easy way that you can do it by yourself at home to show this magic trick to your... Close. This video is unavailable. HOW TO OPEN EVERYTHING These incredibly handy life hacks will help you open almost anything around you! Cans, tight lids on the jars, wine corks, beer bottle... *PLS CLICK THE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM TO DO YOUR PART TO FIGHT BACK!* (24:06) The meme for the South Dakota public health campaign is now viral, with many memes of "Meth were on it" filling the ...